In the Beginner level, work is focused on the musical bases applied on the guitar, in order to create a natural relationship with the music we hear and eventually play..

  • Technique: exercises for both hands, aiming to increase strength, agility and fretboard knowledge.
  • Rhythm: rhythmical examples applied to the guitar in order to internalize pulse and the right hand motion..
  • Theory: musical bases, such as natural scales and chords in order to be more comfortable with what we play.



In the Intermediate level the student has established the musical bases and is looking to expand his musical resources

  • Technique: Specific work for every hand, focusing on the body position in order to play relaxed aiming a loud and clear sound..
  • Theory: Deeper work on scales, major and minor keys, inversions, etc. Presentation of CAGED method..
  • Creative Development: Introduction of the tools for the creative development.



At this level, the student is looking forward to specialize in a style, working in all aspects necessary to master it.

  • Tecnique: Work on the technique in order to find the best sound depending on the style of musica and personal taste.
  • Theory: Work with minor keys, Modes, Introduction and developement of Jazz principles, etc.
  • Creative Development: Work on the body consciousness, attention development, and his musical aplication.



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