Here’s and important information about Guitar Lessons in Barcelona:

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1. The student has to bring his own instrument, either Classical Guitar, Acoustic  Guitar or Electric Guitar. Also has to bring a pick, cable (in the case of Electric Guitar) and a notebook.

2. The guitar classes are 1 hour long. Please arrive punctual.

3. Guitar lessons are given from Monday to Friday, between 4pm and 9pm.

4. Lessons must be scheduled 24 hours before maximum.

5. Payment is done in advance, as a monthly payment.

6. It’s possible to make up for 1 missed lesson per month. Classes may be cancelled only if informed 24 hours before as maximum. If the student misses the class without any advice or notifies it within the last 24 hours, the class will be considered done, and it won’t be possible to recover.

7. Teacher commits to recover the programed classes that may be cancelled by him.

8. Student and teacher confirm they are informed and agree with this agreement.



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