Marco Moreira, por


NAME:   Marco Moreira.

BACKGROUND:   Starts his guitar study at the age of 14 years old with guitarist Jorge Loura in Aveiro (Portugal).
In 2000, starts his studies in Jazz and Modern Music at “Escola de Música Riff” in Aveiro (Portugal), coursing Jazz Guitar, Music Theory, Harmony and Jazz Combo.
In 2003 moves to Barcelona (Spain) to carry on his studies at “Taller de Músics Barcelona”.
On 2004 attends to Kurt Rosenwinkel‘s Master Class, and John Scofield‘s on the next year.
In 2007 begun studying with the New Standard Tuning (NST) with guitarrist Luciano Pietrafesa.
On 2008 attends to the Guitar Craft courses directed by Robert Fripp.

Marco Moreira / Clases de Guitarra Barcelona

CAREER:   Has engaged on several groups and project, from diferent styles, such as Funk, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Bossa Nova, World-Music, Chill Out, etc:

TEACHING:   Guitar teacher in Barcelona since 2006, giving individual and grupal lessons, workshops, and study groups guidance...


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